Your Plan For a Stress-Free Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…kind of. Here’s your plan for making sure you get more pleasure out of the holidays.

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Do all your holiday planning in one place

Grab a blank notebook or open up a new note in the app on your phone. Use this as a central location for all your holiday planning: meals, gift shopping, parties, and more. Put it all here, and if it’s a notebook, take it with you everywhere.

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Don’t overbook yourself

The season is full of parties and dinners. There are also school performances, office events, cookie swaps, and more. Everyone wants you to come, to bring your special holiday dish, to help take tickets at the door, to bake the cookies you’re famous for.

Start early — like NOW!

We don’t want to think about the holidays yet. Halloween is barely over, we want to take some time to breathe and relax before we move on to the next big holiday. But all too often, we put things off way too long and that’s the cause of our stress.

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Let go of the most stressful holiday things

Does hanging Christmas lights from the second-story roof leave you curled up in tears? Do you hate baking Christmas cookies? Do you wish you could skip the family Thanksgiving dinner with its side dish of drama?

Maintain a healthy diet

Sugar cookies, gingerbread men & houses, fudge, egg nog, holiday-flavored ice cream… the list of yummy holiday treats is endless. And it’s all so delicious, and only available this time of year, so you have to indulge now or wait until next year, right?

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Enlist help

You can cause, or add to, your stress by trying to do everything yourself. You are just one person. Much as you might want to, you can’t do everything all on your own. So enlist some help.

Hold on to some of your daily rituals

Maybe you read in bed before you go to sleep. Maybe you take a daily walk around the block. Whatever it is, keep doing it even during the holiday season. All too often, we shove regular activities aside to make time for the holiday festivities.

Make time for self-care

Many of us find great joy and excitement in the holidays. We enjoy wrapping gifts, baking goodies, attending parties, and all the rest. But even if we enjoy it, and especially if we don’t, we still need to make time for self-care.

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Let go of perfection

The perfect turkey, perfectly shaped cookies, perfect tree, perfect gifts that are perfectly wrapped. Listen, everything is always perfect on Pinterest, but in real life, it truly is the thought that counts. Let go of perfection and simply enjoy!

Keep your sense of humor

Perhaps the most important thing you can do during the holidays is keep your sense of humor. Things will go wrong. People will be rude. Some things might even end up being a total disaster. Find the humor in whatever happens.

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