Vintage & Vital: How Eliminating Toxins and More Thoughtful Choices Can Make Midlife Easier for Women

Wendy Miller
8 min readMar 10, 2023
Image by Silvia from Pixabay

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As a woman of a certain age, I feel more liberated, authentic, happier, and more comfortable and confident in my body than I ever have. Being in my 40s (let’s not get more specific than that!) has given me the life experience to know what I want and how I want it while still having the energy and youthfulness to go after it.

But some aspects of this age are a little unpleasant. I’m looking at you, female reproductive system. Things were unpredictable when I was a young girl learning to navigate having my period. Eventually, things leveled out and I became very in tune with my body. Lately, however, it’s as if my reproductive system is being run by a toddler flipping a bunch of switches just to see what will happen.

I have questions when I look at some of the changes or symptoms I notice. Is it normal? Is it supposed to be exactly like this? Can I change it or stop it?

So when I was allowed to interview Dr. Wendie Trubow, co-author of the book Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great, and Feel Freaking Amazing, I jumped at the chance. Better known as Dr. Wendie, she is a OBGYN turned functional medicine practitioner. Along with her husband, Dr. Ed Levitan, she runs the Five Journeys membership-based wellness practice in Boston, where she lives out her mission to help women live fully and age gracefully.

I asked Dr. Wendie many questions about perimenopause, toxins, birth control, and other things related to all things women’s reproductive systems, and I’m thrilled to share the information she gave me with you.

It’s a lot, so get ready to take notes, grab her book, and improve your health!

Let’s Talk About Perimenopause

Most women are somewhat familiar with the concepts of perimenopause and menopause. But for those who aren’t or those who would like a refresher, let’s clarify:

· Perimenopause: a several-year period leading up to menopause where a woman’s menstruation may become unreliable with longer…