Top 9 Mom Tips for Keeping It Together

If you’re struggling, these tips can help

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Sleep is essential

Look, I get it. When I get behind, I’m tempted to stay up late or get up early to try to catch up. But sleep is essential.

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Cleaning can wait

If your home looks like an episode of Hoarders, this tip may not be for you. But for the average mom, cleaning can wait. You don’t have to keep a completely spotless home 24/7/365 to be a good mom.

Do one fun thing with your kids every day

Cooking, cleaning, homework, work, bills, discipline… there are lots of things that we need to do every day. And it’s easy for fun to get lost in that mix of must-do’s. But fun matters too.

Don’t let what matters suffer for things that don’t

My grandmother was a very wise woman when it came to raising kids. And she offered me some very sage advice when I became a single mother: to put my children first in every decision I made. It seems like a very obvious thing that every parent would do but sometimes we don’t.

Lose the mom guilt

Guilt for working. Guilt for not working. Guilt for giving them the sugary cereal or not giving them the cough medicine. Guilt over spending three hours in the kitchen making a healthy dinner instead of playing with them or over going through the drive-thru to get fast food because you’re just too tired to cook tonight.

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Make time to recharge daily

When you’re a single mom, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to avoid stress and taking on too much, you’re still going to end up stressed out and taking on too much. That’s why it’s so important that you make time every day to recharge.

It’s never too late to (re)define fulfillment

We all want to feel fulfilled. There are many ways we can get that feeling. And the good news is it’s never too late to define, or redefine, what fulfillment is for you.

Protect your space

As moms, we get used to having our space invaded. Kids crowd our beds at night, try to sit in our laps as we use the bathroom, and try to become one with us when they’re feeling shy or embarrassed. So it’s easy to stop recognizing when others, who shouldn’t have the same free access to us, start invading our space too.

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Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a heightened state of awareness and specific focus on the present moment. It’s about living in the moment and experiencing your life as it’s happening — the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.*86RpkwIjuGv5xX787MCpPw.png*86RpkwIjuGv5xX787MCpPw.png

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