Surviving the Tough Times — It’s About Forgiveness, Admitting Mistakes, & Finding Common Ground

Whether it’s a partner, a relative, or a friend, every relationship has its rough patches

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Forgiveness is perhaps the biggest component of making any relationship work. Without forgiveness, every relationship in your life is doomed to failure and ending when either you or the other person makes a mistake. And that’s a pretty depressing thought, because it’s unavoidable that either you or the other person will make a mistake at some point.

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Admitting mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable. Every human being makes at least one mistake in their life — and most make many more than that. The good thing about mistakes is that most of them are correctable and we can learn from them. As long as we’re willing to admit to them, that is.

Finding common ground

No matter the issue or the rift, there is always common ground. Going back to the things that are shared experiences or values will help close the gap that developed during the conflict. Finding ways to relive shared memories together, or to make plans to do something we have in common together, or doing a shared interest together are all ways we can reconnect with our loved one after conflict.*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png

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