Seeking Inner Peace? Let Go of These!

Finding inner peace is easier than you think

Wendy Miller
5 min readOct 11, 2021


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Inner peace is something we all hope for, but like anything else it takes some work to achieve. Peace is waiting within all of us, but unfortunately we often lose our inner peace and let destructive emotions take over.

There are lots of reasons we might lose our inner peace. And be assured, it is a loss — we are born with inner peace and most of us hold onto it long into childhood. Some of us even manage to keep it until adulthood. But then something happens and we lose it.

If we know what to look for, we can stop these negative emotions in their path. Then we can bring back and keep peace as a part of our daily lives.

Here are some of the reasons why we lose our peace:

We Expect Perfection

Sometimes we do this without realizing it, but we always seem to be striving for perfection to an unnatural degree. You need to allow yourself to make mistakes and move forward, instead of kicking yourself for making a mistake you think you could have avoided.

Remember that no one is perfect. Give things your best effort and if it falls short, accept that it’s still okay. Learn from the mistakes and failures and let anything else be good enough. Allowing good enough to be enough will bring you more peace than you can imagine.

Being Afraid

When we allow fear into our lives, it disturbs the peace. We need to conquer our fears in order to restore a peaceful balance. If you have fears, it’s time to face them. Explore why you have those fears and ways to overcome them.

If facing and/or overcoming them is too much for you (and I get that!), then the next best step to peace is accepting them for what they are. By accepting that you have a fear and that it will, in some way, inhibit your life, you make peace with that fact and allow yourself to move on without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty.

Anger and Resentment

Some people don’t realize that strongly negative emotions like anger and resentment are detrimental to your health and well-being. If these…



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