Relationship Crossroads: 3 Signs You Need to Move On

It’s not always clear when a relationship is over. But if these signs are present, it probably is.

Wendy Miller


Image by Alemko Coksa from Pixabay

RRelationships are complicated. Put 10 couples in a room and the chances of finding two couples who have exactly the same relationship are slim to none. Put the same person with two different partners and you’ll see two totally different relationships.

That can make it difficult to know when a relationship is just going through a rough patch or when it’s really over. People can suggest counseling, second honeymoons, and all kinds of other tips and tricks, but in the end, sometimes the signs pointing to things being over are subtle yet clear.

If these three signs are present, chances are it’s time to let go and move on.

Frustration persists

We all get frustrated with others occasionally. Partners, kids, parents, co-workers — no one is immune from frustrating us from time to time.

But persistent frustration, frustration that is constant, is a serious sign of trouble.

If your partner’s every action frustrates you, it indicates that the two of you aren’t in alignment anymore. And if you’re not in alignment anymore, it’s difficult to have a healthy, happy relationship.

You might even wonder if they’re deliberately trying to frustrate you — and maybe they are. If you’re out of alignment with each other, you both may be feeling a little (or a lot) antagonistic toward each other and thus, engaging in actions that frustrate each other.

If you want to try to work on the relationship, you need to get back in alignment with each other. This starts with a heartfelt conversation where you both put all your cards on the table. You talk about what you both want from each other and the relationship, what you aren’t currently getting, and how you can come together to get things back on track.

But if the other signs are present, or you feel the relationship has run its course, you should gently end things and move on.

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