Quit Squeezing Self-Care in and Make It Part of Your Life

If you’re resorting to fitting self-care in wherever and whenever, that’s part of the problem

Wendy Miller


Photo by: FatCamera via Getty Images Signature

A large area of focus with my single mom clients is on self-care. From the moms who have never had time for it to the ones who are worried about how to fit it in with their new life to the ones who’ve never even heard of self-care, it’s something we generally start with in creating their new life.

Self-care is critical for everyone. But single moms, with limited time, money, and resources, might need it even more. And one thing I often hear when I say that is, “I’ll try to squeeze it in when I can.”

No, Mama. No.

If you’re “squeezing” self-care in, that’s part of the problem right there. Self-care is not something you should squeeze in. It’s something you should prioritize.

Read these next words carefully: Self-care makes you a better mother. It makes you a better everything!

Without self-care, you’ll eventually end up depleted, with nothing left to offer to anyone else — not your children, or your job, or your friends, or even yourself.

With self-care, you keep up your energy, patience, resourcefulness, and so many other things you need to take care of your kids, do your job, and balance the other thousand things you need to do as a single mom.

So how do you get from squeezing it in to making it a priority?

I suggest starting with your priorities.

List your priorities

You’re a single mom and that means sometimes, even the important things slip through the cracks. But when you don’t bother to identify what’s important, it’s even more likely to get missed. So take some time to write down your priorities.

While you’re doing this, write down why it’s a priority too. When you make yourself think about why it’s a priority, you evaluate each one a little more carefully. And when you do that, you might find that some of the things you’re prioritizing aren’t that important after all.

Don’t forget to write self-care on this list too.