My Grandson (and Every Baby) is a Miracle

It’s overwhelming to think of what it takes to get us here

Wendy Miller
6 min readJan 17


Photo: esudroff via Pixabay

My grandson was born the morning of January 11, 2023. My daughter-in-law gave me a beautiful granddaughter from her previous marriage, age five, but the birth of my grandson has hit me in a very different way.

I remember looking into his father’s, my son’s, eyes the day he was born. And I remember how in awe I was that my body created this tiny little being. Grew him from scratch into a living breathing human. And every day, as he and eventually his little brother grew, I continued to be in awe of how incredible their existence was.

But now… I look at my grandson. And the awe is bigger. Because now I’m not just amazed that women grow beautiful human beings (with assistance from men, of course; not trying to leave the men out). Instead, I’m struck by the series of events that had to take place in order for each and every one of us to be here today, as the people we are.

And I mean that literally: that series of events HAD to happen.

Every Decision and One Decision

Every choice my son made in his life led him to this moment. To the woman who became his wife, to having a beautiful daughter and now a son. The job he chose, the trade he chose to train in, the friends he made, every single decision.

But before that, every choice I made led to his existence and his life being what it is. The decision to date his father. The decision not to break up with his father the first time I thought of it. The decision to marry his father and later, the one to divorce him. You see, his father was abusive and unfaithful as a husband and absent and neglectful as a father when he lived with us. If my son had grown up with that, who knows who he might be today? Though not something anyone likes to see, his father walking away from him entirely helped him grow into the thoughtful, loving, compassionate, and giving young man, husband, and father he is today.

Every man I dated after my divorce, the home I bought and later had to give up, the decision to live with my parents for a while, and the decision to homeschool were all turning points that could have changed everything.



Wendy Miller