Make a Big Move Easier With Little Ones

Moving is never easy, but when you’ve got little ones, it’s even more difficult. Here are 10 tips for a smooth move with tiny tots.

Wendy Miller
11 min readOct 3, 2019


Moving is rough. Whether you use a pickup truck or U-Haul, a few friends and the promise of pizza and beer, or hire movers, it’s a hectic and often confusing time. Throw kids into the mix and it gets more complicated. When those kids are too little to really help out, you might even start to consider whether you really want to move after all.

Whether you want to move or have to move, these 10 tips will help smooth the way and make it just a little easier.

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Don’t pack legal documents

Marriage licenses, divorce judgments, custody agreements, birth certificates, insurance policies and important medical records should never be packed in a box with all your other stuff. It may seem logical to do so because you think you won’t need them during the trip from Point A to Point B.

In all likelihood, you won’t need them during that move. But it’s not whether you’ll need them during the move. It’s about making sure they don’t get lost in the move. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you, or someone you know, moved and discovered at least one thing that everyone knows was packed but is now mysteriously missing?

While many of your legal documents can be replaced with a quick application and a fee, that can be time-consuming and frustrating. You may even need other legal documents in order to verify your identity in order to get the ones you’re trying to replace — which can be a real hassle if the document you need to verify your identity is another document that was lost.

Instead, gather all your legal documents and pack them in the vehicle you’ll be driving. This keeps them close at hand so you know where they are at all times, and also ensures that if you do need them, you know exactly where to find them.

Documents to keep close include:

· Marriage license

· Divorce documents including a final decree, custody and visitation orders, and child support orders



Wendy Miller