How to Keep Your Past From Ruining Your Present

Got issues from past relationships? Here’s how you can keep them from destroying new relationships.

Image Source: Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Be aware of your own “stuff” & how it impacts you

In order to keep your past from affecting your present, you need to know how it would do that.

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Allow yourself to be vulnerable

It can be terrifying to open up to someone and be vulnerable. You’re giving them the ability to hurt you — handing them the knife to slice open the most tender, sensitive parts of yourself. Yet if you don’t, you can’t build trust. And trust is the foundation of any healthy, solid relationship.

Take care of your mental health & self-esteem

New relationships often result in a “cocooning” stage where we don’t see friends and family as much, set aside hobbies and interests in favor of spending time with our new love, and basically getting lost in the relationship for a bit.

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Don’t assume the worst about someone’s actions

What’s your first thought when they don’t text back right away? Is it that they’re busy and they’ll get back to you or is it that they’re not interested, cheating, or something else that hurts you?

Your past doesn’t have to define your future

No matter what your past relationships look like, your future ones can be different. It requires healing and inner work on your part — and it’s not always easy — but the results are worth it.*hg6V-tHe7Bgu-r3ydZ4M7w.jpeg*hg6V-tHe7Bgu-r3ydZ4M7w.jpeg

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