How to Detach From Past Negative Experiences

Holding on to the past doesn’t help in any way

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Avoid rehashing the past

The best way to allow a negative past experience to encroach on your present or future is to spend time thinking about it. You might try to convince yourself that playing the incident over and over in your mind is cathartic or educational. It’s not. Learn what you can immediately after the negative experience and then move on.

Create new memories

An effective way to unseat old memories is to create new memories. If you want to get over your ex, find someone new (when you’re ready, of course). Be active with your life. Join a club, make new friends, spend time doing something new. Make your new experiences so positive that the new memories overpower the old, past memories.

Make a conscious decision to let go of your past

Proclaim your intention to yourself. Whatever you’re doing isn’t working. Make a decision to do something about the challenge you’re facing.

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Make plans

Make a few plans for your future. Have something exciting ahead of you that prevents you from looking behind. A compelling future can be the best medicine for a messy past. What would you like to do in the next year?

Spend more time in the present moment

Mindfulness has been touted as a panacea for nearly every psychological condition under the sun. It’s like the fish oil capsule of the mental health crowd. Dealing with the past is an ideal application for mindfulness.

Avoid blaming others

Blaming is convenient. You let yourself off the hook for any responsibility in the matter. The animosity you feel toward others regarding your past keeps the past fresh in your mind.

Seek out peace

When you’re upset about the past, seek peace in your body. Breathe slowly and deeply. Allow the past to flow out of your body with each breath. Keep going until the negative feeling is gone. When you can think about the past and feel peaceful, you’re no longer under its spell.*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png

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