Good Relationships Take Constant Work & Encouragement

If you want a solid, happy relationship, you need to nurture it

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Learn their love language

Everyone has a love language. A way that they prefer to give and receive love. Some love quality time together while others prefer it when someone does something to make their lives easier. The problem is that we typically try to love others the way we prefer to give and receive love — so even as we’re showing our love, the other person may not feel it as well.

Set aside quality time

Date night is finally becoming a social priority and supported more than ever. The rise in date night activities is a testimony to the benefits of spending quality time with the important people in your life. But date night isn’t reserved just for couples.

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Be spontaneous

Whether it’s a couple or a family, or even a group of friends, ruts happen. We fall into routines and get comfortable. And while it might be nice to settle in with the fam and watch a movie every Saturday night in your comfy sweats, or to know that every Sunday afternoon, you and your partner will take a nap together, it can also be… boring. And boredom can lead to frustration.

Listen with intent

We all want to feel heard. But many of us don’t truly listen when someone is talking to us. We half-listen while we do something else. Or we listen to respond — to defend ourselves or tell the other person why they’re wrong. We might also listen just enough to think we understand and offer some advice that doesn’t make the other person feel heard even if it's helpful.*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png

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