Get Out of Your Own Way: Putting an End to Self-Sabotaging Behavior

If you’re tired of setting yourself up for failure, maybe these tips will help

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Observe yourself

Look back at the times you’ve sabotaged yourself or come up short. You probably try to justify the sabotaging behavior in your mind. But, ignore the reasons and just observe the behavior. What conclusion would a casual observer draw from your behavior? If all the information they had was how they saw you behaving, what would they think?

Remember that success isn’t perfect

Sometimes we quit because things aren’t turning out the way we imagined. We saw it turning out in this beautiful, incredible way and what’s shaping up is… a little less beautiful and not quite so incredible. So we quit because if we can’t have what we imagined, what’s the point?

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Consider the other people in your life

Self-sabotaging behavior is selfish. You’re hurting yourself and others. You might think you’re only hurting yourself (after all, it is call self-sabotage), but remember that whenever you don’t follow through on something, someone else has to pick up your slack. Someone else (like your children) may also suffer the consequences of your decision to wash your hands of a situation.

Be willing to be adventurous

Those who self-sabotage tend to stay in their own little worlds. Seeing a project through to completion means adjusting your outlook. Whether it’s a different job, a new relationship, or something else, your life will be changed to a certain degree. Be brave enough to take that adventure.

Start small

Give yourself the gift of having a few small successes. Find a few small tasks you’ve been delaying or ignoring completely and do them. Then take the time to notice that these successes aren’t perfect, but they still made your life better.

Take some time before making major decisions

Before making a big decision, give yourself some time to think about it. Decisions can be impulsive. A few days can give you the perspective you require to make a wise decision.*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png*ZBb4pHnvnfUpQ7DwnWGy1A.png

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