Everything You Want Starts With Believing You Can Have It

Money, experience, education, talent — none of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself

Wendy Miller


Photo by: hidesy via Getty Images Signature

I’ve been working on a goal-setting workshop for my clients recently. In the process, I came across this quote:

The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it. — Jerry Gillies

I share this quote in my workshop because of how deeply it resonated with me about setting goals and achieving them.

We make the mistake of thinking that we need external things to accomplish what we want. We think we need:

· Money

· Experience

· Education

· Talent

· Specific relationships

· Other resources that come from someone or somewhere other than us

And it’s not entirely wrong to think so. You can’t buy a yacht without money. You can’t be a lawyer without the education and training. You can’t be a singer if you can’t sing.

But here’s the raw truth: those are all secondary to what you have inside you.

Do you believe in you?

You have to believe you can do something, that you deserve it, that you’ll get it, in order to accomplish anything you want in your life. If you don’t believe in yourself, in your ability to do it, in your worthiness of having it, you won’t achieve it.

You could have all the money, experience, education, talent, contacts, and everything else you could ever possibly need at your fingertips. But if you don’t believe you can do it, that you’re worthy of it, and that you can get there, all that money, experience, and everything else is worthless. It won’t help you achieve that goal because you don’t believe in yourself.

You could have a red carpet laid out at your feet that would lead you directly down the straight path from where you are to what you want with complete ease and no obstacles. But if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t pick up your foot to take that first step.