Ending the Not-Quite Relationship

You’re not really in a relationship but the lines are blurred, so how do you end things?

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Ghosting is generally seen as a negative thing. And if it’s done when a relationship has been established as one, or when we’ve reached the point where interest is obvious, it is negative. But ghosting does have a time and place.

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The slow fade

The slow fade is a different way of breaking things off. It’s not quite ghosting but it’s also not a direct method of ending things.

The indirect direct approach

We talk about how breakups should be done face-to-face when possible, but if you’re not officially in a relationship, it’s okay to just make a quick phone call or fire off a short text. This is an indirect direct approach because by doing it over the phone or by text, you avoid having to look them in the eye, but you do offer them the honesty of letting them know you’re not interested.

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The big talk

It’s the four words just about everybody dreads.

Which one is best?

Personally, I believe a direct approach is always best. I’m not a huge fan of ghosting or the slow fade. However, I have done both when it felt like they were the best option in a situation.


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