Divorce Didn’t Break Your Family

If you’re divorced, or on your way to it, your family was already broken.

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Divorce isn’t what’s breaking up your family

It’s been ingrained in us that divorce is breaking up a family. By splitting up as a couple, you’re breaking up the family unit — and in a purely physical sense, that’s true. Since you and your ex are no longer living in the same home, you’re no longer a family unit in that sense.

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Divorce fixes what’s already broken

When my divorce was finalized, I felt a huge mixture of emotions: happiness, sadness, rage, confusion, doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and relief.

You might not see it until you’re on the other side

It wasn’t until after my divorce had been finalized and the dust had settled that I was able to see that getting divorced had fixed everything that was wrong. I’m talking years here.

Staying in an unhappy marriage will break your family

When you’ve exhausted all the options, when you’ve read all the books, watched all the videos, worked with all the coaches and counselors and therapists, and you’re still in a miserable, dysfunctional marriage, it’s time to go.


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