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Create an Inexpensive Care Package for At-Home Relaxation

Whip up this easy and inexpensive care package for yourself or someone you love.

Self-care and relaxation are big words these days. Especially right now when we’re all stressed and worried about incomes, work, and more. That’s why this quick and easy care package that doesn’t cost a ton of money is perfect for pampering yourself or someone you love.

Just grab the items you want to include and put them together in a pretty but cheap basket — or even a pretty gift bag would work. Deliver them to your loved one or leave them in a prominent and convenient location in your home so you’ll be reminded to put them to use.

Positive affirmations

Grab some sticky notes or small pieces of paper and write some positive affirmations on them. Fold them up and toss them in a box or jar. You or your recipient can reach in and pull one or two out when a little pick-me-up is needed.

You could also use a computer to type them all up and print it out, then just cut the affirmations out to make it easier.

Try to personalize the affirmations to the recipient. Write about things that you know there is insecurity or doubt around to give an extra boost.

Relaxing tea and a cute mug

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You can find adorable mugs for less than $5. Or you could buy a plain white mug and personalize it yourself.

Add a small assortment relaxing teas, such as chamomile or chai. You can also include peppermint or ginger tea if the recipient is feeling a little under the weather. A sleep or bedtime tea is also a great option to include.

One of my favorite teas is fennel.

Go with bagged teas if you can. Otherwise, consider including an infuser for loose teas in case they don’t have one. And make sure you include the steeping instructions, as each tea is different.

Adult coloring books and colored pencils

Until I tried it, coloring as an adult seemed a bit weird to me. I didn’t really see how it could be relaxing. Yet it is. The repetitive motions of coloring, the intentionality of choosing the colors for each part of the picture, and the finished product all combine to create a soothing, very present experience.

Plus, if you aren’t wanting to pay full attention to it, it allows for that too. You can easily color while watching a movie or listening to a podcast.

Choose a couple of books. Nature and ocean scenes will be very soothing, not only because they’re nature but because you can use lots of blues and greens with them.

Find some quality colored pencils or markers to go with the coloring books. Colored pencils feel more grown-up than crayons and they provide a smooth coloring experience as well.

A journal and a nice pen

A journal is the perfect place for people to purge all their feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, fear, and resentment, among other feelings. But it can also provide a place to put dreams and goals, make plans, chart progress, and work through things that happen.

Try finding a pretty journal with thick pages and a beautiful gel ink or fountain pen.

If your recipient isn’t really into writing to express things, maybe a sketching journal is more their style. Add some quality pencils, pens, and erasers for a complete experience.

A good book

For many, nothing is more relaxing than reading a good book. For some, that means a book that helps with personal growth. For others, it means being able to lose themselves in a deep mystery or rich romance.

Look at book reviews if you’re buying in a genre you don’t usually read. Or choose one of your favorites that you think the recipient will love — and if it’s for yourself, choose that book you’ve been wanting but telling yourself you shouldn’t buy.

You might even include a couple of books.

If your recipient isn’t much of a reader, consider including some Redbox promo codes for a movie night or two. Add some popcorn and candy for a total experience.

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Pampering/luxury items

Face masks, hair masks, bubble bath or bath bombs, a scented candle, scented hand or foot lotion… there are tons of options to choose from.

Include a few items that are purely for pampering and luxury. They don’t have to be super expensive but they can feel very indulgent.

Choose a small assortment of pampering items that you know your recipient will love. Try to make sure these are items your recipient can use at home and that don’t require them to purchase anything else to use them.

Skip the gift cards for massages, manicures, etc. While they’re definitely indulgent and pampering, there are so many reasons someone might not use it (including forgetting they have it), which would waste the money you spend on it.

Stick with things that your recipient can do themselves at home. This way, even if they don’t use something right away, they can have it on hand to use whenever — even if whenever ends up being a surprise when they find it tucked away in a cabinet long after they forget they had it.

Some cozy socks, a sweatshirt, or a blanket

One of the most relaxing things ever is being toasty warm. Some super cozy socks, an oversized soft sweatshirt, or a silky fleece blanket can be just what your recipient needs to snuggle up and feel comfy and soothed.

Try to look for something a little out of the ordinary. Something beyond just your regular, average sock, sweatshirt, or blanket. Look for ones that look super indulgent or over the top. Maybe the socks have funny sayings or some kind of picture on them. Maybe the sweatshirt is four sizes too big so it hangs to their knees and allows them to tuck their hands up in the sleeves.

Yummy treats

Rich chocolates, gourmet popcorn, gourmet cheeses — what’s their favorite yummy treat? Include a few delicious little treats that they can nibble on while they color, read, or write in their journal while snuggled under their blanket and wearing a face mask.

Think about the treats they love but won’t buy for themselves.

You could also include pre-measured ingredients for a treat: hot chocolate, brownies, cookies, or a cake. If they’re more into savory treats, include ingredients to make gourmet popcorn, buffalo wings. Or whip up these rosemary walnuts for them.

Make it special

Whatever you include in this care package, make it special. Make it something that your recipient will know you put plenty of thought into — even if it’s just for you.

Include the thoughtful little touches that make it clear this isn’t just any old generic care package, but one designed just for this one special person.

Whether you make it for your mom for Mother’s Day, your best friend to get through a breakup, or yourself to get through being cooped up at home, a care package is a quick and simple way to make someone feel loved.

And that’s really all anyone wants.

Wendy Miller is a freelance relationship writer & meditation teacher. After years of settling for abusive and otherwise toxic relationships, she got fed up. Using meditation and other tools, she got to work on healing herself, setting boundaries, and only engaging in relationships (romantic and otherwise) that bring her joy. She wants to help other single parents find the love they seek, including and going beyond romantic love. She lives in Florida with her two sons, where she homeschools while solo parenting, while surrounded by what feels like a zooful of animals.

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also sign up for her newsletter for exclusive tips and goodies.

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