Christmas Self-Care: 20 Gifts for Self-Care Junkies

Whether you’ve got a self-care guru to shop for, or someone who desperately needs self-care, this list of gift ideas has you covered!

Wendy Miller
8 min readDec 10, 2019


Christmas gifts are fun to shop for and even more fun to see how the recipient loves them. Finding the perfect gift for someone you love is the best Christmas present but sometimes you don’t know what to get. When it comes to self-care, gift ideas range from practical to indulgent, free to needing a second mortgage to afford.

I’ve curated a list of 20 gift ideas that are perfect for self-care beginners to gurus and anyone in between. Some gifts cost money while some only ask for your time. There are practical gifts, pretty gifts, and gifts that you’ll want to steal for yourself. They can all be ordered online, too.

Take a look and take care of those you love (or add a few to your own list!).

(Disclaimer: I do not get paid for any of the links included. If I included a link to something, it is solely because I believe it to be the best option OR I wanted to make it easy for you to see your choices.)

A journal

There are all kinds of journals, with different purposes and appearances. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect journal for your loved one. If they love meditation, grab a meditation journal. If they’re new to self-care, find one that allows for reflecting on self-care so they can see their progress over time. Or grab a blank one with a pretty cover so they can simply write what comes naturally.

Photo by Mint Owl on Unsplash

Coloring books and quality colored pencils

Adult coloring books have become incredibly popular, and for good reason. Coloring is a very soothing, meditative activity. Pick up a handful of coloring books you know they’ll love and pair them with some high-quality colored pencils so they can indulge their artistic side.

Mindful books