Breathing Techniques that Really Do Work

Strong emotions can feel overwhelming but it is possible to control them

Wendy Miller
5 min readMar 14, 2021


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Have you ever been so emotional about something that you felt like you were losing control of everything? Your entire body was shaking, your mind was swirling with a million half-finished thoughts, your breathing was ragged and fast, and your stomach was churning. In that moment, you might have thought this intense emotion was going to last forever.

Yet here you are today, calm, relaxed, and carrying only the memory of that emotional moment. When we’re caught up in an intense emotion, it can feel endless. But there’s actually something you can do that will bring those strong feelings under control.

Being able to calm yourself with breathing techniques can really help ease your mind and emotions. Many people don’t realize that they have the internal capacity to breathe through the feelings of stress, anxiety, anger or fear.

Emotions are valid responses to situations. Your feelings are not wrong — but being stuck in them can be very uncomfortable. Controlling your breathing can help you cope.

There are many times in life when things feel out of control but figuring out a way to internally cope can be well within your abilities and can be an immediate way to relax and cut out the stress.

Don’t miss out on moments in life due to stress and anxiety. Instead of dreading certain situations, use these methods to work through them. Life is too short to stress over the circumstances and constantly feel as though you have to leave.

The next time you’re feeling panicked or worried, give yourself time to calm yourself down with these strategies:

Count backward from 10

Do this slowly and calmly and take deep breaths as you’re counting backward. You’ll feel the stress dissipate, which will help you to clear your mind. Try counting consistently on the inhale or exhale to keep your focus on the breath.

You can do this out loud, or in your head if you’re in a crowded area with a lot of people. There’s no right or wrong way to do this one.



Wendy Miller