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A look back with adult eyes and a piece of paper can make a huge difference

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There are a lot of things from my childhood that I remember fondly or with no real emotions at all. Then there are others that I try my best not to remember. Things like being bullied on the bus, teased for the color of my hair, or when neither of…

When you have a negative relationship with yourself, no one benefits.

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Whether you are single by choice, divorce, or death of a spouse, being a single mom is hard. And it’s only getting harder with time. You are constantly juggling your full-time job because you have to also be the emotional support system for your kids. As if that wasn’t enough…

The start of a new year is a great time to start a new wellbeing practice with rituals

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Many of us are guilty of setting New Year’s resolutions. And we’re also probably guilty of often forgetting about them, giving up on them, or otherwise failing to follow through. But most of our resolutions are about bettering ourselves — by losing weight, improving our diet, engaging in more self-care…

Finding your soul mate isn’t about slipping your foot into a perfectly fitting shoe or other fairy tales

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As I wade through the profiles of various men on dating apps, reading the words they chose (or in some cases, didn’t choose) to try to persuade women to connect with them, I look for some specific things.

Not specific words, no. Nor am I looking for a muscular body…

Take back your holidays with just a few small changes

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I love the holidays! My family is together. We enjoy meals together, lots of laughter and conversation, and with Christmas gifts, I know that everyone is thinking of others in the family with love.

While the holidays have the power to bring some of the most joyful times in your…

This is an excellent time to reflect on whether you’re parenting the way you want to

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The holidays can often cause parents to reflect on whether they’re spoiling their children. As we look at all the presents piled under the tree or listen to our kids ramble on about yet another thing they want to add to their Christmas list (as they’re going to bed on…

These can be make-or-break issues in relationships so set yourself up for success by talking first

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Love can be such a rush, can’t it? When we’re in the flush of new love, it feels like the relationship is perfect and will last forever. We simply can’t imagine anything that would split us from our partner.

And even after the newness begins to wear off and we…

It’s cheaper than actual therapy and can open your eyes to a lot of things you didn’t realize before

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Have you ever thought of writing your life story? Getting your story down on paper is a process that can bring you much insight and peace. You’ll learn a lot just by doing it. This is a case in which the journey really is more important than the destination.


Custody isn’t guaranteed to either parent — and your behavior can cost you everything that matters

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When I got divorced, I knew without a doubt that I had to get custody of my kids. My ex-husband was not capable of taking care of them on a regular basis. Honestly, I didn’t think he was even capable of taking care of them on weekends.

Fortunately, our circumstances…

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