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The years between the first time you see your precious little one after birth and the day they leave home are both endless and short. Before you know it, the tiny human you once held in your arms and stared at in awe is forging their own path under their own roof.

Married parents have the advantage of having each other when their children leave home. They have someone who understands their feelings and is right there in the middle of it with them. But what about us single parents?

We might think we’re prepared for the empty nest, especially…

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In an ideal world, our home is a place of peace away from the hectic outside world. Unfortunately, ideal worlds don’t exist!

But even if ideal worlds don’t exist, your home can still be a place of peace. You can make it a sanctuary away from the stress and struggle of life.

In order to make your home a sanctuary, you have to put in a little effort, but thankfully, it’s easier than you think.

Here are ten ways you can find peace in your home:

1. Clear the Clutter. Many people never feel at ease when they’re at home because their home is disorganized. Of course, a cluttered environment leads…

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I have pretty severe stage fright. The idea of being the center of attention, even if not on an actual stage, terrifies me. I don’t even like to be the focus of attention in a small group of friends.

Yet, if I wanted to follow my dream of being a writer or my other dream of being a meditation teacher, I had to find a way past that fear. Both required me to be willing to be center-stage in order to either do my job or convince people to hire me.

Fear and self-doubt can be crippling. It’s not easy…

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Unless your parents had a great relationship and made a point of teaching you the tricks of the trade, you’ve had to go it alone. And let’s be real, most of our parents, regardless of the strength of their relationship, didn’t make it a point to teach us about healthy relationships. It just wasn’t something they thought to teach us.

And while sex education in school covers things like condoms and STIs, it doesn’t exactly prepare us for solid, lasting relationships. So what happens? We wing it.

However, just “winging it” isn’t always the most effective way to learn something…

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In the Western world, we like to do things on our own. Who needs help? Anyone that wants to thrive requires support.

Getting support doesn’t make you weak, helpless, or any other negative connotation you might try to give it. Getting support actually just means you know when your own resources aren’t enough.

Support can come in many forms. You can have emotional support, logistical support, health support, organizational support, and so on. Consider the types of support you need today and in the future and put them into place.

Having support increases your possibilities in life:

1. Look at…

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Whether it’s while you work, after school, or for a date, everyone leaves their kids with a babysitter at some point. And whether it’s the first time with any babysitter at all, or just the first time with a new babysitter, it’s important to make sure things go well.

Getting your kids off to a great start with a new babysitter will keep them happy and improve your peace of mind when you need to be away from home. And it ensures that you get to keep a great babysitter for when you need one.

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Parents desperately crave peace and calm. But finding the time to engage in the mindfulness and meditation that can satisfy that craving isn’t always easy.

Finding time to meditate can hold you back from beginning your practice. Maybe you try to carve out time, but doctor appointments and business trips get in the way. You can’t find a free hour to sit down.

Luckily, you don’t need an hour. You don’t even need half an hour.

While extended meditation has its benefits, you can also boost your mindfulness with brief breaks of a few minutes or less.

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For most single moms, a new relationship is exciting and fun. It’s something just for you, a chance to be an adult and enjoy something that isn’t all about your kids. And of course, you can’t help but wonder where it might ultimately lead.

Your natural curiosity as a human being makes you anxious to see just what this new relationship is all about. As thrilling as this may be, however, new relationships also invariably bring along new stresses.

Use these tips to reduce that stress:

Remember to embrace the real you

Try not to alter your actions, behaviors or beliefs to fall in line with…

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Quick author’s note: For those who are very literal, this is not about sound. This is about stress, frustration and drama. No need to comment and message me about how disappointed you are that it’s not about sound.

Most of the time, we are well aware of the chaos others are causing us. We can clearly see how others are making their unwanted impact on our lives and making it really noisy. We have a pretty good idea of what they could do or should do to make our lives easier. It just seems crystal clear.


How aware are…

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Some of the noise in our lives we create and some of it is beyond our control. If you create the noise, you can modify your thoughts and behaviors and see a reduction in the chaos while finding better ways to manage yourself day-to-day. Doing what you can to reduce the noise on your own can make it easier to withstand the chaos you can’t control from outside sources.

Here are three tips for tuning out the noise — whether you’re making it or not:

  1. Fortify yourself against distractions
  2. Learn to love silence
  3. Empower the people around you

Tip #1: Fortify yourself against distractions

When it’s…

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