9 Ways to Make Homeschooling Easier

If you just started homeschooling this fall, these tips might help

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Have a “treat basket”

Rewards motivate everyone, not just kids. But kids definitely do better with the external motivation of getting a treat or reward when they finish something. This idea was actually a spinoff of an idea my younger son’s teacher used in her classroom.

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Let them “teach” a stuffed animal or younger sibling

Everyone learns in different ways. Some do best by listening, others by reading, and some by watching. Some people need a combination of learning methods to fully learn something. But one thing is true for almost everyone: being able to teach it to someone else means mastery.

Let them listen to music

TV is obviously going to be a distraction from schoolwork. But silence can also be distracting and make it difficult to work. The compromise? Music!

Have “do-overs” instead of corrections

In traditional school, your kid gets a paper back that’s all marked up with wrong answers and told to “correct their work.” The intention is good but man, it can really demotivate someone! Being told to “correct” something is saying that it’s wrong, and even though their answers may be wrong, kids often take it to mean something is wrong with them.

Use a pencil to mark mistakes

Along with do-overs, using a pencil to mark mistakes is another way you can make things a little easier on both you and your kiddo. Marking errors in pen is permanent. Even after your child corrects the work, that mark is still there reminding them they got it wrong.

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Let them burn off some energy

Whether they’re little kids or kids with ADHD, sometimes the biggest struggle for kids and school is sitting still. They have all this energy and can’t do anything with it because they’re supposed to sit and focus.

Put stickers on a job well done

Whether it’s just a regular assignment or you give them tests, sometimes you’ll get some work from them that is outstanding. They get everything correct, or have beautiful penmanship, or something else that is knocking it out of the park compared to their typical work.

Point out what they did right

We often focus on the mistakes that are made. This makes sense because we use those mistakes to know what we need to go over again and where our child needs more help. But a focus on mistakes can also make our kid feel like we do nothing but find fault with them.

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Do school on their schedule

My oldest was a kid who preferred to get up early, get his schoolwork done, and have the rest of his day free to do whatever he wanted. My youngest was like that and now he tends to prefer to do his own thing in the mornings and early afternoons and then do school in the late afternoon and evening. And when I gave them both that freedom, I found they did their work more quickly and more accurately.

Don’t beat yourself up

No matter what you do to make homeschooling easier, there will be some hard days. Homeschooling is no different than life itself: everyone has bad days no matter how great their life is.


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