8 Simple Habits for a Healthy & Happy Relationship

When you want a healthy and happy relationship, having these habits can go a long way.

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Don’t hold back on sharing your feelings

Whatever your gender, sharing your feelings is important. Your partner can’t read your mind. If you’re upset, sad, angry, or hurt, they won’t know unless you tell them. They also won’t know why you feel that way unless you tell them.

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Don’t play the blame game

When a problem arises in your relationship, don’t point fingers. Even if you believe a problem is your partner’s fault, there’s no need to say so. This puts you against each other rather than being on the same side against the problem.

Share relationship responsibilities

If one person is doing all the heavy lifting in a relationship, it’s going to get unbalanced fast — and that will lead to resentment, arguments and an eventual breakup. Make sure that you and your partner are sharing the responsibilities of your relationship.

Take time for yourself

For women especially, it’s easy to get caught up in taking care of the relationship, your partner, your kids, and others. In a healthy, happy relationship, you make sure you take time for yourself.

Be thoughtful of your partner’s feelings and needs

Just because you shouldn’t take on your partner’s responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t be considerate of their feelings and needs around them. You can listen when they need to vent and even offer to help if you’re able to.

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Spend some time apart

Whether it’s just a couple of hours here and there or taking separate vacations, a little time apart can do wonders for a relationship. You don’t have to do absolutely everything together.

Make family and friends a priority

Everyone knows that when you first start dating someone, you spend a lot (translation: any free moment you have) of your time with them. But in a healthy, happy relationship, that eventually stops and you start spending time with friends and family again — both with and without your partner.

Don’t let go of your hobbies

Just like you need time for yourself and time with friends and family, you also need your hobbies to have a healthy, happy relationship. Shared hobbies with your partner are great for helping you bond and have things to do together.


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