8 Key Signs That You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

Finding your soul mate isn’t about slipping your foot into a perfectly fitting shoe or other fairy tales

Wendy Miller
5 min readDec 23, 2021
Photo: Tinpixels via Getty Images Signature

As I wade through the profiles of various men on dating apps, reading the words they chose (or in some cases, didn’t choose) to try to persuade women to connect with them, I look for some specific things.

Not specific words, no. Nor am I looking for a muscular body or a handsome face — though they are nice bonuses if they’re there. No, what I look for is something I rarely find but always respond to: a feeling of possible connection.

It’s a vibe that comes from the way they’ve put their words together, the images they’ve chosen to represent their physicality, and the drop-down selections they’ve made when given a handful of pre-chosen options. This vibe says “I’m looking for something real. I’m real. And I hope you are too.”

I say I rarely find it because all too often, I find profiles that are obviously fake and written by scammers who would tell me they’re on a peacekeeping mission in Africa in the military or some other equally ridiculous lie. Second to those are the profiles of those men who are looking purely for physical relationships. Which is fine — they’re entitled to make that choice. And I can’t deny that, on…