7 Ways to Maintain Intimacy No Matter What’s Happening

Jam-packed schedules, financial stress, growing your family, losing loved ones… there’s a lot that can put your relationship on the back burner. Use these ideas to maintain the intimacy and ensure you don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard for.

Prioritize yourself

This might seem counterintuitive. If this is about maintaining intimacy and connection with your partner, how does prioritizing yourself help with that? It helps in a few ways.

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Learn each other’s love language

Knowing how someone best feels loved and cared for goes a long way. Acting on that knowledge goes even further.

Communicate your desires and needs

Sometimes we find ourselves frustrated that our partner isn’t meeting our needs. We get caught in a loop of being annoyed that they aren’t meeting our needs, complaining about it (to them or others), and feeling neglected or unloved. What we might not realize is that we never actually expressed those needs to our partner.

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Schedule your time together

Whether you live together or not, sometimes the best way to make sure you spend time with your partner is by scheduling it just like you would a meeting. In fact, even if you live together and see each other every day, I still recommend scheduling some time together.

Be empathetic instead of reactive

When someone hurts our feelings, our instinctive reaction is often to hurt back. But many times, it’s not intentional and it might not even be about us. It’s important that we take a step back instead of just reacting.

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Allow room for change

Change can sometimes be a scary word in relationships. Yet change happens, and often, it’s exactly what a relationship needs.

Check in frequently

When there aren’t any obvious problems, we often assume that means everything is good. But just because everything seems like smooth sailing doesn’t mean it actually is. Instead of waiting for problems to rear their ugly heads loudly, have frequent check-ins so you can head off problems before they become too big.

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