7 Steps to a Happier Morning

Need a happiness boost in the A.M.? These are some of the best!

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Get up on time or even early

I get it. When my alarm goes off, I just want to roll over and go right back to sleep. But when you do that, or you hit snooze so you can lie there just a little longer, you throw your morning routine off. You end up rushing to get dressed, eat breakfast, grab some coffee, and get started on your day. And when you rush, you end up in a less than stellar mood that spills over onto the rest of your day and other people.

Photo by Matteo Di Iorio on Unsplash

Meditate outside

A daily meditation habit has tons of benefits. If you do it outside, you can add one more: Vitamin D.

Get into a gratitude habit

Gratitude has been shown to increase happiness and reduce depression. But you can’t just think about being grateful every now and then or think that throwing a “thank you” at someone will do the trick. Gratitude needs to be a habit.

Eat breakfast

I’m not a big breakfast person. I can’t eat immediately upon waking, and I don’t generally eat a big, filling breakfast. But I do eat breakfast. It may or may not be the most important meal of the day, but it’s definitely a meal you should have.

Get some movement in

Physical activity releases endorphins that improve mood and increase energy. These feel good hormones will give you an instant happiness boost — even if you’re not a big fan of exercise, like me.

Make your day’s task list

What do you need to do today? Got a big project or report to finish up? Need to go through the job ads? Clean the house?

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Organize your space/day

After you get your task list ready, you’re ready to get to work. But before you do, take a few minutes to organize your space and your day. Gather office supplies, paperwork, cleaning supplies, or whatever you need to accomplish the tasks on your list.

Now you’ve had a happy morning — and are ready for a happy day

With just a few simple steps, you’ve added some extra happiness to your morning. And that sets you up for the rest of your day to be happier. Even if something goes sideways, you’ll be in a better mood and less likely to have it throw your whole day completely off.


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