7 Keys to Open & Honest Communication With Your Partner

When we’re feeling happy or loving, it’s easy to express. But what about when it’s a negative feeling?

Wendy Miller
8 min readJul 20, 2020
Image Source: StockSnap from Pixabay

CCommunication is vital to any healthy, connected relationship. Without communication, any relationship can fall apart. The problem is that sometimes communication is super easy and other times it can feel impossible.

We have no trouble telling our partner we appreciate that they brought us flowers or how much we love them. But when we need to bring up a problem, it’s a lot harder to find the words and say them aloud to our partner. We don’t want to hurt or upset them, yet often the problem is that we ourselves are hurt or upset.

But even when the situation is negative, you can still communicate clearly, effectively, and without causing damage to your relationship. It just takes remembering a few things and taking a few specific steps to how and when you communicate the issue.

You have the right to feel whatever you feel

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with communication is that we question our feelings. We’re hurt, angry, frustrated, or anxious and we wonder if we should be. Is it fair to feel that way? Is it right or wrong? Is it an overreaction?