7 Dating Tips for Plus-Size Women

Whether you’re dating online or only in real life, there are some important aspects to dating that plus-size women should remember.

Wendy Miller
8 min readApr 15, 2020


I spent years thinking I was fat when I really wasn’t. It was only after I’d had my kids and didn’t lose the weight when I could look back at photos of myself before and realize that I was much slimmer than I ever realized.

Of course, that realization made me struggle even more with the extra weight for a while. I felt like if I’d been that slender once, I should be able to be that slender again. It shouldn’t be that hard. But it was.

It took a long time for me to accept that I am now a plus-size woman and that may never change. It took even longer for me to really feel comfortable dating as a plus-size woman.

But now that I have, here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. The best part is these tips apply whether you’re dating online or off.

Ignore your inner bitch

You know that little voice in your head? The one that says you’re too fat, too ugly, not good enough, etc.? Ignore her. Seriously, tell that bitchy voice to shut up and leave you alone.

Here’s the thing: plus-size women aren’t the only ones with an inner bitch. I think every woman has one, or has had one at some point, even if they did finally manage to shut her up.

But when you’re a plus-size woman, it seems like that snarky narrator finds a lot more to go on about. And if you let her, she’ll make you reconsider the idea of dating and shatter your confidence all at once.

You have to ignore your inner bitch. She’s going to say things that aren’t true and you know they aren’t true. So just don’t even give her the chance to get started.

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Be yourself

This might seem like a generic tip that applies to anyone who’s dating. But it’s a reminder plus-size women need.



Wendy Miller

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