5 Ways To Utilize Healing Rituals In Support Of Your Wellbeing

The start of a new year is a great time to start a new wellbeing practice with rituals

Wendy Miller
5 min readDec 28, 2021
Photo: Slatan via Canva

Many of us are guilty of setting New Year’s resolutions. And we’re also probably guilty of often forgetting about them, giving up on them, or otherwise failing to follow through. But most of our resolutions are about bettering ourselves — by losing weight, improving our diet, engaging in more self-care or other wellbeing work, or improving relationships.

So what if, instead of setting resolutions that we’ll stop thinking about or working toward by January 10th, we chose to incorporate healing rituals into our lives? Many times, the things we want to better about ourselves (the weight, the unhealthy eating, lack of self-care, etc.) are about healing. Healing emotional wounds, lack of confidence, and more.

Mental health researchers Francesca Gino, and Michael I. Norton believe that even seemingly insignificant rituals can have positive effects. This is because ritual can focus us and drive us toward a goal or desired outcome.

We often think of ritual as something huge and significant, but it can be as simple as wearing your favorite team’s jersey while you watch them play or knocking on wood when trying to avoid…