5 Ways to Ease Your Stress

Try one of these ideas to feel better fast

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Start your day with mindfulness

What do you do when your alarm goes off? Do you hit the ground running, checking emails and returning texts immediately? Do you lie in bed, eyes still closed, dreading the day ahead?

Start a bedtime gratitude practice

Bookending your day with mindfulness in the morning and gratitude in the evening is a great way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and just generally make your life a little better. Start embracing gratitude at bedtime.

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Stop saying yes without thinking first

One of the biggest sources of stress for many people, especially parents, is being overextended. Saying yes to too many things and feeling obligated to follow through can make you feel overwhelmed and lead to huge amounts of stress.

Get physical

For most of us, while stress certainly has a mental component, it also affects us physically. It causes tension and tightness in the body and sometimes even actual pain. Getting physical can help with this.

List the biggest sources of your stress

What are the top things that create stress for you? Create a list of the 3–5 biggest sources of stress for you. Don’t let guilt or embarrassment stop you from writing something down — even if it’s your kids or your romantic relationship.


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