5 Steps to Basic Self-Care When Life Overwhelms You

When your life is feeling completely out of control, and you think there’s no time for self-care, try this.

Step #1: Identify your top priorities

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s almost always because we’re trying to do too much at once. Whether that’s your own decision or because others are piling stuff on you, the fact remains that you’re trying to do too much. And it has to stop.

Step #2: Focus on your basic needs

There are a few basic needs we have in life. We need:

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Step #3: Choose imperfect action over inaction

There’s a lot of hype over doing your best. Give everything your best. Don’t turn in anything at work or school that’s less than your best. Give it your all. Give it 100%.

Step #4: Create more stability

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it comes from trying to do too much. But this also lends itself to a feeling of instability. When you have too much to do, you don’t know where to start, so it can feel as if you’re teetering, always about to fall over, because you don’t know where to go.

Step #5: Give yourself a chance to truly rest

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Self-care isn’t about pampering

The mistaken idea that self-care is about pampering yourself with massages, blowouts, and manicures is what often holds people back from engaging in it. But self-care isn’t about pampering yourself — not entirely.

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