3 Traits that Toxic People Share

Even if you can’t identify their particular toxicity, these traits give them away

Photo by: Mike_Kiev via Getty Images
  • Attention-seeking behaviors
  • Disruptive behaviors

Toxic people are negative

You probably won’t hear the term toxic positivity. While someone’s perpetual happiness could get on your nerves, happy people don’t tend to cause too many problems.

Photo by Roland Denes on Unsplash

Toxic people always want attention

Well-adjusted people don’t require constant support. Toxic people tend to feed off the attention of other people- whether it’s positive or negative. They love constant contact.

Toxic people are disruptive

There are all sorts of toxic people: people who manipulate, are angry, or engage in other dysfunctional behaviors would be considered toxic. No matter what makes them uniquely toxic, one thing’s for certain- it’s disruptive.


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