10 Easy to Make Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Relationship

While there are plenty of mistakes you can make, some are more likely to end your relationship than others.

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Not being completely honest about your feelings

There are plenty of reasons you might want to hide your feelings. You might be afraid of being vulnerable. You might think your feelings are silly or unwarranted. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll hurt your partner’s feelings or insult them.

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Complaining to everyone else about your relationship

A flip side of not expressing your feelings to your partner is expressing them to everyone but your partner. Specifically, when you complain about your partner and/or your relationship to everyone else.

Not trusting your intuition

Sometimes the signs of trouble are as clear as a billboard. Other times, they’re more subtle and it’s only the whisper of our intuition that tells us there’s a problem. But what if we ignore that whisper?

Fighting to win

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Sacrificing yourself

Before you meet a partner and get into a relationship, you’re a whole and complete individual. You have interests, hobbies, preferences, and opinions. Does that still hold true after you enter a relationship? Or do you find yourself sacrificing yourself, sacrificing your identity and your life, in order to make the relationship work?

Not setting, and keeping, boundaries

Wednesday night is family movie night for you and the kids, and you’re determined that won’t change once you start dating. But then you meet someone. Maybe you tell them Wednesdays are out of the question or maybe you don’t. Either way, they suggest a Wednesday date and instead of declining, you agree.

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Social media stalking

This tends to be something we’re guilty of more before we get into the actual relationship, but it’s easy to become obsessed with it and continue it into the relationship. Sometimes it happens when we feel we can’t trust our partner.

Sneaking peeks at devices

Hand-in-hand with social media stalking is sneaking peeks at a partner’s device. You think they’re cheating so you wait until they’re in the shower and grab their phone to go through their texts, recent call log, and look at their emails. Maybe you even go to real extremes and install spyware so you can check their device without even touching it.

Demanding perfection

We all make mistakes. We’re human. Yet we often hold others, especially those who love us and whom we love in return, to a higher standard. We expect perfection from our partners — or even demand it.

Expecting your significant other to be everything for you

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Having a healthy relationship means letting go of mistakes

Healthy relationships require forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. Everyone makes mistakes, and if we can’t find it in our hearts to show compassion, understand where our partner is coming from and forgive them for their mistakes, the relationship is doomed.

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